Ruru is officially on Google Play and the App Store! We’re ready to provide you with on-demand, contactless tutoring to help you excel in school this year. To commemorate this exciting occasion, we wanted to share with you a little background on the man who made Ruru possible, founder, Michael Jonna.

Michael came up with the idea for Ruru at just 15 years old while struggling with geometry homework. It was on this evening that Michael thought to himself, “I wish that I could have a tutor at this moment.” It was Michael’s realization that many frustrated high school students have probably thought the same exact thing, that led him to create Ruru.

While some may see Michael’s age as a hindrance, he feels confident that his age gives Ruru an advantage. “I believe that an app made for high school students should be made by a high schooler. I understand what students’ educational habits are and what they want,” says Michael, “It is not a coincidence that Snapchat, an app that 78% of 18-24-year-old internet users use, was created by Evan Spiegel and his roommates at 21 years old.”

With a unique perspective of his target audience, Michael’s next big feat would be developing the app. With no experience in app development, business, or computer science, Michael had his work cut out for him. “I really had no clue what I was doing but with the guidance of my dad and others I have learned about what it takes to run a business,” explained Michael. In addition to the business logistics that Michael has learned through the process of launching Ruru, he has also learned valuable life skills that he will carry with him in the future such as hard work, leadership, and responsibility.

When asked what his favorite feature of his new app was, Michael responded, “My favorite feature is its ability to find yourself a tutor instantly. Connecting with a knowledgable tutor is typically a tedious process. Being able to easily start working with a tutor at the push of a button who has been verified gives me a sense of relief when getting help with my schoolwork.” The Ruru team is excited to see the impact that Ruru tutors will have on students across the U.S.

What are this young founder’s post-launch plans, you ask? A nice dinner with his family to celebrate. “While I do feel very accomplished and proud of launching the app, I feel like that is just the start of our journey to reach the ultimate goal of becoming a prominent education tech company,” said Michael.

 Michael doesn’t see the launch of Ruru as the finish line, he has big plans for the future, and we’re so excited to see them come to fruition.