As parents, it’s important to instill good habits into your children as early as possible. Starting school and growing in education is important, and it all starts at home. It’s easy to tell them what to do, but it won’t have the same effect as showing them will. Children tend to pick up on habits and behavior that their parents have. Having self-confidence, motivation to grow, and an optimistic outlook at challenges can influence your child at home, in public and in the classroom.

Confidence is key

Having self-confidence in studies is a key part of succeeding. Once your child believes they can do something, it makes it easier to actually achieve the goal. Encourage your child to believe in themselves, and results will be prevalent. Helping your child achieve academic confidence starts with you as a parent.  Don’t compare your child to other students by telling them to “be more like that person”. That tactic will have the opposite effect you want to see. Let them know you can see their gifts and talents and encourage them to strengthen those gifts.

Anything is possible

Not everyone has the same academic talents or struggles. Everyone’s journey with school is different, so it’s important to make that known. Inform your child that it’s okay to struggle with a certain subject more than others. Just because something is particularly hard doesn’t make it impossible. Don’t allow the word “impossible” to be a part of their vocabulary. If your child knows that you believe in them, they will believe in themselves. Let them know they don’t have to struggle alone, there’s always help. Never encourage negative talk towards themselves, only positivity. When they see a problem, encourage them to think about possible solutions. Optimism towards a situation can make or break the end result, so always push for positive outlooks. 

It’s up to you

Your child looks up to you as a parent. They look to you for guidance, advice, and direction in life. Express that if they work hard, they’ll get better at whatever they are struggling with. Give praise to the effort they give, not just the end result. It’s all about the process it takes to get to success, and it’s important to make that known to them. It starts in the home with you. Even if they don’t want to admit it now, your child will thank you in the end!